Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Triple Crown SF Show/ Progress Pics

Greetings friends,
I have yet to confirm a date yet, but in August I will be showing some new work at Triple Crown in S.F. I will be posting the date and the flier as soon as I get them. Below are some pictures of some pieces I have in the works for the upcoming show and some updated pictures of some work I've blogged about before. Enjoy.



A closer look...

I added some more in the back ground and touched up the brick wall in the foreground.
Also you can see the lighthouse/ schoolhouse I intend on adding very soon as well as some skylands if I can work them in. I'm thinking this piece could be the focal piece for the show and a candidate for the flier. Still have lots of work to do on this one.

Here's a idea of some of the sketches I'll be working on for the show. Although it's not finished yet, I have a good feeling they will come out well and be a nice addition to the show.

This is another skyland piece that is still in progress. The moon in the background may end up being a tree. Not sure if I'm happy with it or not.

And here's another. Has a little rougher of a feeling. I'm trying to play with light more and getting away from putting a clean blue sky in the background like I usually do. Hopefully for the show I will have some other pieces set in day, sunset/sunrise, and night with different terrains and buildings.

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