Thursday, December 9, 2010

"A Plethora of Enchanted Delights" @ Fabric 8 in S.F. on 12/11/10

Greetings friends,
This Sat. in S.F. at Fabric 8 Gallery, I will displaying three new pieces at the opening reception of "A Plethora of Enchanted Delights." The party starts at 7pm. This is a big group show with other work from artists:

Adrianna Bamber
Alice Koswara
Andy Stattmiller
Christopher de Leon
Daniel Fleres
Erik Otto
Gage Opdenbrouw
Gianluca Franzese
Grant Gilliland
Johnny Siu
Leon Loucheur
Mike Gallegos
Maureen Shields
Micah Lebrun
Natasha Dikareva
Rachel Hospodar
Reuben Rude
Tiffany Star
Ursula X Young

Monday, December 6, 2010

To Wish Impossible Things

Greetings Friends,
Here is another pic of a newly completed piece.

"To Wish Impossible Things"
Acrylic on Canvas
11" x 14"

I took the title from one of my favorite Cure songs.

The Warmth

Greetings Friends,
Here is a new piece recently completed.

"The Warmth"
Acrylic on Canvas Board
11" x 14" unframed

The father Swanicorn Seahorse's relationship with his children is different than any other creature. Here, the fathers light provides his children with the warmth they need

Food For Thought

Greetings Friends,
Here is a pic of a new piece I finished over the weekend.

"Food For Thought"
Acrylic on Canvas Board
11" x 14" unframed

"Which came first, the Swancowchicken Butterfly or the egg? What would an animal like this taste like? Why did the Swancowchicken Butterfly cross the road? Just some food for thought...

F.E.E.S.A./ Cardboard Spaceship Art Action Now Up

Greetings Friends,
The FEESA Auction started six days ago. Here's the link to check out all the amazing art:

The amazing lineup

"Swanicornasauras Tigershark"
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
8" x 10" unframed
My donated piece.

Battle Burn Pics

Greetings Friends,
Here are some pics of the first ever "Battle Burn." Enjoy.

The Contenders ( from left to right )
Grant Gilliland, Phoneticontrol, Nate Van Dyke, Brett Amory, Rueben Rude, Me, Jesse Balmer, and the winner of the night, Josh Ellingston.

The first round I battled Jesse Balmer. The topic, punk turtle.

A pic of Jesse and I battling.

Pictures of the punk turtle..

More pics...

More pics...

For more pictures of the event as well as a video, please visit: