Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am pleased to announce that on 5.12.12, I will be having my 4th solo show and 1st toy release at Dragatomi in Sacramento, CA. I have started a brand new blog that will be documenting all of the work leading up to the show with lots of progress pics, contests, and other fun stuff to promote the show. I encourage you to discover the secrets of "The Swanicorn" by checking out:

thank you :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Saturday in SF/ All That Remains

Hello friends,
This past Saturday, I spent wondering around the streets in the mission district in S.F before going into work at Fabric 8 for the opening of "All That Remains", a show curated by Eric Otto.
I brought a camera, some flyers to post, and my ipod. After hours of walking, I stumbled across one of the most amazing, art filled allies in S.F. Here are some pics I took for those of you who weren't there :P

Here's a long view of the ally. I wish I remembered the street name but I'm sure I'll get an email telling me. All the walls were covered in amazing art. It was like wondering into an outdoor art gallery. So many different styles, so much amazing talent. Here are some examples of the work in the ally as well as some other pieces around the mission.

After all that, I ended up going to Fabric 8 to help with the opening of "All That Remains", a group show curated by Eric Otto. Below is the flyer for the show as well as pics of the new parklet, built by Eric Otto, outside Fabric 8.

For more info on the show, please visit: http://fabric8.com/

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Get The Lead Out III" Show

Greetings friends,
This Friday is the opening for "Get The Lead Out III" at the Echo Echo Gallery in Seattle Washington. For more information about the show, please visit: swoongallery.com. Below are the pieces I submitted as well as the flyer for the event.

"Skyland Study 15: I'll Meet You There"
Acrylic on canvas
5" x 7"

"Skyland Study 16: Air Traffic"
Acrylic on canvas
5" x 7"

Monday, August 15, 2011

August Update

Greeting friends,
Just wanted to drop by and let you know I have been working really hard on building a website for my art. It should be up before the end of summer or early fall. I will announce when it is finally up. Other then that, I have three shows coming up which I am currently preparing for. When I have more info about them, I will post it. So besides all that, I've been getting back into graphic design and have fun playing around with my art on the computer. Here's a couple things I've done so far:

This should be big enough to setas your computers wallpaper if you'd like

A little fun with one of my favorite albums

And missing posters for some outdoor fun!

"Back Door!" by Andy Stattmiller

Greetings friends,
On August 12th, I had the pleasure of working at the opening for Andy Stattmiller's show, "Back Door!" at Fabric8 Gallery in San Francisco. I took some photos of the opening to share.

The flyer image

The Friday night food carts setting up in front

An absolutely delicious dinner enjoyed by me

The first half of Andy's work

And here is the second half

A great turnout enjoying the show

The artist himself, Andy Stattmiller

For more pics and info about the show and the artist, please visit:


Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Update

Greetings Friends,
I can't believe I havent posted anything for a very long time! To recap the last couple of months, I was working very hard in the studio for my 3rd solo show, "Summer of the Swanicorn" at Fabric8 Gallery in San Francisco on June 24th. Here is a link to the show: http://www.fabric8.com/11/06/swanicorn.html

And here are the pieces from "Summer of the Swanicorn."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Road Trip to Oregon

Greetings friends,
Last Monday, fellow artist and friend Yosiell Lorenzo and I packed my car and headed up the I5 to Portland Oregon so we could attend the opening of show I was apart of. I know the trip would be a great time so I decided to take pictures and blog it.

Starting the 9 hour drive up to Oregon.

Made a gas stop at Weed, CA.

Now pop 3001.

Left a handmade Boo sticker behind.

Apparently, someone decided this Mc Donalds needed a fire place so that's where we ate.

The rest of the drive up was absolutely beautiful! It felt like driving through a Turner painting.

Dinner at Rock n Rogers rocked.

Chicken Club. NOM NOM NOM.

Yosiell checking out some of the pics he took.

Arrived at Matts house and began helping him finishing his pieces for the show in his basement.

Work, Work, Work...

Breakfast, Tuesday morning, Short Stacking before we set out to explore Portland.

Yosiell, Matt, and Steph checking out "Magnificent Specimens" the beard photography of Dave Mead at Land Gallery. Below are my favorite three pieces.




After heading to another couple galleries and toy stores, we headed back to Matt's house to finish the work that needed to be done. Fellow artist and friend, Josh Clay came out to help. Here he is helping me frame my Orko piece.

Lunch the next day.

Cookiedough Fritter to share for dessert, yes please!

Random Oscar Mayer Car sighting.

Yosiell helping the set up for the show at the gallery.

Owners, Andria and Doug setting up Downtimers work and Matt setting his up his

My set up.

Downtimers setup.

Aaron Kratens set up.

Josh Taylors set up.

After setting up the show on Wednesday, we headed out to downtown to do more exploring. After heading to a couple of galleries, we hit up Ground Control for some beers and arcade games. $5 all you can play? A dream come true.

Matt, Yosiell, and I rocking the 6 player X-Men game. One of my all time favs.

Sunset Riders beaten after 16 years of trying.

After the games, we headed to Voodoo Doughnuts for some late night grub.

You can see the menu and how big it is. It's because it's the most amazing doughnut shop ever.


Next day at Screaming Sky to paint the outside window with clouds vomitting rainbows, what else would we paint?

For lunch we decided to head down the street toThe Grilled Cheese Grill.

Deciding what to get took some time.

Waiting for the food.

A burger between two grilled cheese sandwich. I need to rethink my diet.

Upstairs shot of the gallery before the opening.

She stood there for 10 minutes. This is my favorite picture and an amazing memory.

Group shot of the friends getting some drinks after the show.

Leaving Portland.

After 9 hours in the car, two speeding tickets, and amazing week, we headed home. Good times.