Saturday, January 29, 2011

Road Trip to Oregon

Greetings friends,
Last Monday, fellow artist and friend Yosiell Lorenzo and I packed my car and headed up the I5 to Portland Oregon so we could attend the opening of show I was apart of. I know the trip would be a great time so I decided to take pictures and blog it.

Starting the 9 hour drive up to Oregon.

Made a gas stop at Weed, CA.

Now pop 3001.

Left a handmade Boo sticker behind.

Apparently, someone decided this Mc Donalds needed a fire place so that's where we ate.

The rest of the drive up was absolutely beautiful! It felt like driving through a Turner painting.

Dinner at Rock n Rogers rocked.

Chicken Club. NOM NOM NOM.

Yosiell checking out some of the pics he took.

Arrived at Matts house and began helping him finishing his pieces for the show in his basement.

Work, Work, Work...

Breakfast, Tuesday morning, Short Stacking before we set out to explore Portland.

Yosiell, Matt, and Steph checking out "Magnificent Specimens" the beard photography of Dave Mead at Land Gallery. Below are my favorite three pieces.




After heading to another couple galleries and toy stores, we headed back to Matt's house to finish the work that needed to be done. Fellow artist and friend, Josh Clay came out to help. Here he is helping me frame my Orko piece.

Lunch the next day.

Cookiedough Fritter to share for dessert, yes please!

Random Oscar Mayer Car sighting.

Yosiell helping the set up for the show at the gallery.

Owners, Andria and Doug setting up Downtimers work and Matt setting his up his

My set up.

Downtimers setup.

Aaron Kratens set up.

Josh Taylors set up.

After setting up the show on Wednesday, we headed out to downtown to do more exploring. After heading to a couple of galleries, we hit up Ground Control for some beers and arcade games. $5 all you can play? A dream come true.

Matt, Yosiell, and I rocking the 6 player X-Men game. One of my all time favs.

Sunset Riders beaten after 16 years of trying.

After the games, we headed to Voodoo Doughnuts for some late night grub.

You can see the menu and how big it is. It's because it's the most amazing doughnut shop ever.


Next day at Screaming Sky to paint the outside window with clouds vomitting rainbows, what else would we paint?

For lunch we decided to head down the street toThe Grilled Cheese Grill.

Deciding what to get took some time.

Waiting for the food.

A burger between two grilled cheese sandwich. I need to rethink my diet.

Upstairs shot of the gallery before the opening.

She stood there for 10 minutes. This is my favorite picture and an amazing memory.

Group shot of the friends getting some drinks after the show.

Leaving Portland.

After 9 hours in the car, two speeding tickets, and amazing week, we headed home. Good times.

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