Monday, August 15, 2011

August Update

Greeting friends,
Just wanted to drop by and let you know I have been working really hard on building a website for my art. It should be up before the end of summer or early fall. I will announce when it is finally up. Other then that, I have three shows coming up which I am currently preparing for. When I have more info about them, I will post it. So besides all that, I've been getting back into graphic design and have fun playing around with my art on the computer. Here's a couple things I've done so far:

This should be big enough to setas your computers wallpaper if you'd like

A little fun with one of my favorite albums

And missing posters for some outdoor fun!

"Back Door!" by Andy Stattmiller

Greetings friends,
On August 12th, I had the pleasure of working at the opening for Andy Stattmiller's show, "Back Door!" at Fabric8 Gallery in San Francisco. I took some photos of the opening to share.

The flyer image

The Friday night food carts setting up in front

An absolutely delicious dinner enjoyed by me

The first half of Andy's work

And here is the second half

A great turnout enjoying the show

The artist himself, Andy Stattmiller

For more pics and info about the show and the artist, please visit: