Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"UNPOP PROTOCOL" Series Announcement

Greetings friends, family and fellow art fans!

     I am very excited to share with you all the culmination of this past half years of my hard work, with the premier episode of my upcoming art show/series "UNPOP PROTOCOL"!  The debut episode will be premiering February 1st, 2020 both on DanielFleres.com, as well as on my YouTube Channel.  Each episode of the series will be an exploration into the different art pieces I have created, accompanied by my own self narration.  In "UNPOP PROTOCOL" I outline my current perspective, as well as the departure from my some of my old perspectives, and the growth in between.  I also illustrate what it has meant to me to create fewer pop cultural pieces in an attempt to create something with a deeper meaning and longer lasting ideas.
     The vision I intend to share with you all is the equivalent to walking through an art gallery with the actual artist being your docent.  So I'd like to invite you all, anyone else you think might be interested, to join me as I take you on an art show tour of all my most recent pieces, and share my thoughts.  I'd greatly appreciate any comments and or feedback you'd like to share with me, and I encourage you to share this with anyone you think might enjoy it!

I thank you all very much for you continued support,
Daniel Fleres

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