Daniel Fleres was born in 1982 in Walnut Creek, CA. As a kid, he was fascinated with saturday morning cartoons, video games, comic book super heroes and the chance to work in the fields that inspired his creativity. After high school, Daniel moved to San Diego to earn an AA in Graphic Design from Platt College. Daniel returned to the bay area after graduating to start a fine art career. The last six years, he has since exhibited and curated art shows all around the world as well as contributed art for published books. After working on his first toy line, “The Swanicorn” in May 2012, Daniel moved to Portland, OR and then to Asheville, NC where he currently works and resides. 



"Year of the Dragon" Group Show, Dragatomi  Sacramento, CA


"Summer of The Swanicorn" Solo Show, Fabric8  San Francisco, CA
"Get the Lead Out III" Group Show, Echo Echo Gallery  Seattle, WA
"Distant Transmissions" Group Show, Screaming Sky Gallery  Portland, OR


"The Dream Closet" Group Show, Space Gallery  San Francisco, CA
"F.E.E.S.A." Charity Auction, Online
"Battle Burn" Art Competition, Brief Space San Francisco, CA
"The Dino Show" Group Show, Double Punch  San Francisco, CA   
“Nex. Gen” Group Show, Ronin Gallery  Silver Lake, CA
“G-40” Group Show, Art Whino  Arlington, VA


“Little Wonders” Group Show, Fabric 8  San Francisco, CA
“3-D Canvas” Group Show , Terminal 22  Oakland, CA
“Monsters, Monsters, Monsters” Group Show, Sweet Breams  San Mateo, CA
“Oh, The Art You Will See” Group Show, Monkeyhouse Toys  Silver Lake, CA
“Friends Stoning Friends” Group Show, Jinxed  Philadelphia, PA
“Unbridled Lambency” Group Show, Double Punch  San Francisco, CA
“Heavy Hitterz MD” Group Show, Art Whino  National Harbor, MD
“Crusaders & Haters” Group Show, Royal T Café  Culver City, CA
“I Have The Power”Group Show, Double Punch  San Francisco, CA 


"Block Party" Solo Show, Art Whino  National Harbor, MD
"Beasts of Burden" Group Show, Subtext San Diego, CA
"Malicious Descent" Group Show, Carmichael Gallery  West Hollywood, CA
"Heavy Hitterz Manila” Curated Group Show, Araneta   Quezon City, Philippines
"The Fixed 100" Group Charity Show, Alpha Cult  Long Beach, CA
"How We Do" Curated Group Show, Club 6  San Francisco, CA
"Den of Iniquity" Group Show, Rogues Gallery  Belfast, Ireland
"Symbiosis" Group Show, Alpha Cult  Long Beach,CA 

"SubK1" Group Show, Distinction Gallery  Escondido, CA
"Heavy Hitterz SF" Curated Group Show, Age Song Gallery  San Francisco, CA
"Hollyween" Group Show, World of Wonder Gallery  Hollywood, CA
“Fusion" Group Show, Progression Gallery  Pomona, CA
"Circus Punk Show" Group Show, Go Go Rilla Gallery  Orange, CA
"Familiar Strangers" Solo Show, Monkey House Toys  Silver Lake, CA
"The Rising" Group Show, Windup Gallery  Mesa, AZ 


“A Matter of Life and Death” Group Show, Alphacult  Long Beach, CA
“Cannibal Flower” Featured Spot, Infusion Gallery  Los Angeles, CA
"Picks of the Harvest: Batch 3" Group Show, Thinkspace Gallery  Los Angeles, CA
“Land of the Lost” Group Show, Alphacult  Long Beach, CA
"I am 8 bit 2" Group Show, Gallery 1988  Los Angeles, CA
“V-Day” Group Show, Alphacult  Long Beach, CA 


"Pick of the Harvest: Batch 2" Group Show, Thinkspace Gallery  Los Angeles, CA
"I am 8 bit 1" Group Show, Gallery 1988  Los Angeles, CA
“Grand Opening” Group Show, Adidas  Berkeley, CA
“Grand Opening” Solo Show, Johnny Cupcakes  Hull, MA 



"Newbrow" Book, Shane Pomajambo, Schiffer Publishing


"Label 228: A Street Art Project" Book, Camden Noir, Counterpoint Press


"i am 8 bit" Book, Jon M. Gibson, Chronicle Books